2018 Affiliate Cup recap and winner!

April 22, 2022
2018 Affiliate Cup recap and winner!

Every year the CrossFit Open ascends upon our gym and every year it’s a super exciting time. It's like the Super Bowl of CrossFit. After 7 years of hosting this, I know what to expect and yet, every year I am surprised, humbled, encouraged and I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude at the conclusion.I’m so inspired each weekend, when people from all walks of life, step through the door and challenge themselves. Nearly half of those who were participating were competing in their very first Open! That is truly remarkable and I am blessed that we got to go through this experience together.I want to acknowledge all the people that made this event successful.To the Open participants; thank you for stepping outside your comfort zone and challenging yourself. These past five weeks have been amazing and you have inspired us so much. Seeing someone achieving their first toes-to-bar, first pull-up, or maybe doing their first Open workout Rx; what a wonderful experience and I am thankful that I got to share that with you.To the volunteers and judges, thank you for motivating, judging, organizing, cleaning, and all of the other tasks you did each night. I know each of us who participated are thankful for the words of encouragement during those moments of fatigue.To our spectators, thank you for coming out and cheering for us! You may not realize how good it feels to hear those strong words of encouragement while we’re contemplating picking up the bar, picking up a jump rope, or jumping to the bar.To our photographer Kathy Stogin; thank you for capturing these amazing moments. I know a lot of time goes into each event both during and afterwards. I know you’ve brought many smiles to the faces of each of us. We are thankful for that.To our coaches; thank you for amazing passion to help others. Doing this day after day helps everyone become the best version of themselves, and you give them all this outlet to do so with your expertise and experience.To Tina and Amy; thank you. I know what it takes to make this place work each and every day and then to add on all the responsibilities of The Open. It’s incredible what you are able to accomplish and thank you for helping us create such an amazing experience for the BCF Family.


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And the winner is...

Congratulations to team AUDACIOUS ALPACAS on winning this years Affiliate Cup Challenge! The first few weeks found you at the bottom of the standings, but you quickly rallied and turned it up a notch in week 3 and didn't look back. Your team racked up the most points with 314 and displayed spirit, participation, and awesome work on the weekly challenges!Your team wins a private BBQ event at BCF, to be held on a nice summer day starting in June to celebrate your team's success! Also, you get the coveted "Affiliate Cup Trophy" this year! Your team name is on the plaque near the bottom!Be on the lookout for this!To see the final standings click here:Leaderboard

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