2018 Affiliate Cup Week 4 Recap // Week 5 Challenge & Theme

April 22, 2022
2018 Affiliate Cup Week 4 Recap // Week 5 Challenge & Theme

"My neck and my back!" The name of the game this week was heavy deadlifts and handstand push-ups! "Diane" is a classic girl benchmark created by Greg Glassman, and it's a test of strength and skill. Those who could complete her had the opportunity to handstand walk! Some great performances!

On to Week 5

Week 5 Challenge/Theme!


18.4 Photo Album

Weekly Winner

Congratulations to ALL teams on winning week 4's theme challenge of "St Patrick's Day" You all get additional bonus theme points!Everyone displayed team spirit though so thank you all for the fun again! You all did amazing.Check out week 4's "Tell a Joke Video"! See them via our Private FB group, or click #badgercrossfit photos here and scroll through them!WEEKLY STANDINGSTake a peek at the overall standings after week 4! Audacious Alpacas with the commanding lead right now!!!Every point counts! Remember last year? ;) Get in those challenge points guys!AFFILATE CUP LEADERBOARD

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