2018 Affiliate Cup Week 5 Recap

April 22, 2022
2018 Affiliate Cup Week 5 Recap
“Satisfaction lies in the effort, not the attainment. Full effort is the victory”– Ghandi

Congratulations on the 2018 Affiliate Cup Open.Take a moment to think about the past months of training, and how far you’ve come. All of the hard earned hours you put in.Take a moment to think about the people who cheered you on, and how much better it is to workout with amazing individuals. We are so blessed as a gym.As we head into the "off season," I want to thank several people:To AffiliateGuard, who was our title sponsor, for their generous support of the 2018 Affiliate Cup. If you are an affiliate owner, or anyone who needs insurance, consider them. Vaughn is one amazing individual who has taken care of our insurance needs for the past 7 years at BCF.To Valentine Coffee Roasters, we thank you for the Saturday morning fuel to get us through the training and making our mornings that much brighter.

To all the volunteers helping judge, setting up, giving a lending hand where needed -- you're all amazing.To our coaches who really go above and beyond in their time to make you your best self.To all of you, who make this gym what it is -- thank you for being so great. The most a coach could ever ask for their athletes is to give their absolute best. I’m proud to say you accomplished that.We are blessed....On to 2019!-Badger CF


18.5 Photo Album - STAY TUNED

Weekly Winner

Congratulations to the Audacious Alpacas on winning week 5's theme challenge of "Team Spirit"Though, you all displayed team spirit though so thank you for the fun again!Check out week 5's "How did CrossFit change me"! See them via our Private FB group, or click #badgercrossfit photos here and scroll through them! So amazing testimonials and things people have said!WEEKLY STANDINGSStay tuned! We will be announcing the OVERALL winner later this week!

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