2018 Open Results - Notable Performances

April 22, 2022
2018 Open Results - Notable Performances

With the finally tally of the Open results in, we wanted to give a few shoutouts to some notable performances in the 2018 CrossFit Games Open.Before we go into this, know that each one of you should be VERY proud of what you have done. 1st place in the world or last place in the world, you are working on being a better person, becoming the most fit version of you, and this is what truly matters in the long run. Ranking is nice, but not the most important, unless your goals are in line with this.

Again, all so very proud of everyone! Use any and all of this for motivation, consistency, and intensity in your pursuits to being a better you.

We got one life -- might as well make the best of it.

The following are notable performances (top). There are so many of you in the top 5% of the world's most fit and I just didn't have time to go through it all. We should be so proud as a gym. (please let me know if I missed any notable performances! There are so many I might have missed).

These are your gym family - congratulate them when you see them next!

RX MEN:Colin Dewey - 8th in WI (Individual), 73rd in North Central, 860th in WORLDBrandon Hertrampf - 49th in WI (Individual), 440 in North CentralTyler Sullivan - 2nd in WI (35-39), 25th in WI (overall), 18th in North Central, 160th in WORLD (35-39) (Qualified for Masters Qualifier/Regional)John Heim - 3rd in WI (40-44), 40th in North Central (40-44), 425th in WORLDErik Richards - 24th in WI (45-49), 214th in North CentralGuillermo Salas 40th in WI (45-49), 415 in North CentralTerry Pomeroy - 4th in WI (60+), 50th in North Central, 485th in WORLDSCALED MEN:Marc Ruesch - 5th in WI (overall), 3rd in WI (44-49), 24th in North Central, 171st in WORLDMike Kasal - 1st in WI (45-49) LEO division, 8th in WI (45-49), 69th in North CentralRX WOMEN:Brie Dusing - 17th in WI (Individual), 191st in North Central.Sammi Carstens - 25th in WI (Individual), 402nd in North CentralStephanie King - 34th in WI (Individual), 421st in North Central.Pam Pfeiffer - 2nd in WI (40-44), 22nd in North Central, 227th in WORLDJoanne Kwasny - 19th in WI (40-44), 124th in North Central (40-44)Ingrid Zitzer - 34th in WI (40-44), 301st in North Central (40-44)Grace Lochner - 2nd in WI (14-15), 6th in North Central, 86th in WORLD (Qualified for Teen Qualifer/Regional)SCALED WOMEN:Sara Byers - 2nd in WI (overall), 1st in WI (44-49), 1st in North Central (44-49), 13th in WORLD (44-49)Stacey Nash - 14th in WI (overall), 7th in WI (40-44), 37th in North Central (40-44), 265th in WORLD (40-44)

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