2019 Affiliate Cup Week 2 Challenge/Theme

April 22, 2022
2019 Affiliate Cup Week 2 Challenge/Theme

19.2 - Scavenger Hunt Challenge

This week’s challenge is a Scavenger Hunt!This challenge is worth a lot of points. There are 10 tasks that can be completed and uploaded together by your team captain (or someone responsible ;)) by Monday at 6:30 pm. Your tasks: You’ll need a photo or video of each task (one person per task per team). And only one person may upload all photos/videos at once to Facebook and IG. You must TAG all members in the photos. Please submit all pictures in an “album” on Facebook and make it public! Share the album with each task you’ve completed, and you get a point per each task completely properly. THE TASKSPhoto or video each one of the following tasks:

  1. Turkish Get-up - Someone doing a Turkish Get-up with a Frozen Turkey at a grocery store.
  2. Clown Car - Take a photo fitting as many people as you can find into a standard 5-seat vehicle. 1 point for each person in the car.
  3. Sparkle and Shine - Take a video of members of your team in a vehicle going through a car wash. A bonus point for each person on your team in the car at the same time.
  4. Abbey Road - Take a photo at a quiet street crossing of your team members recreating the Beatles’ famous album cover. But instead of "walking" be in a "lunge" pose instead.
  5. American Muscle - Take a video of a Ford Mustang, a Chevrolet Camaro, or a Dodge Charger and yourself doing bicep curls in front of it.
  6. Esquire - Take a photo of somebody striking a Split Jerk pose in front a wall featuring at least one of their framed college degrees/professional certifications.
  7. I’m Flying! - Find your own epic location and take a photo of two team members reenacting the famous Jack and Rose scene at the front of the Titanic.
  8. Saturday Night Fever - Take a video of a team member performing their best dance moves.
  9. Hello Moto - Take a photo of a team member holding a folding cell phone in a squat hold.
  10. AMRAP Burpees - Take a picture of people doing a burpee “jump” while everyone is in the air. Points for each person in the photo off the ground, mid-burpee.

WEEK 2 INSTRUCTIONSPlease post your photo album to your social media channels (Facebook/Instagram), make it “PUBLIC” so we can see it, and tag @BadgerCrossFit and #BadgerCrossFit #AffiliateCup #InTheOpen #YourteamNameComplete the challenge before Monday at 6:30 pm.

Weekly Theme:

This week's theme is "Hipster." Think skinny jeans, subculture, shades, beards, flannel, beer, coffee, EMO , etc! You name it! Have fun with this!

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