2020 Affiliate Cup Week 2 Challenge & Theme

April 22, 2022
2020 Affiliate Cup Week 2 Challenge & Theme
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(This was last year's video)

20.2 - Handstand Challenge

Throughout the Open/Affiliate Cup, we will be having challenges and themes to earn points for your team. Most points at the end of the Open wins the affiliate cup. And the Weekly Challenges are a way to earn points outside of just partaking and doing the workouts! It's for fun, and publicity of your fitness, our gym, the community and more.Without further ado... Your task: complete a handstand (or other) anywhere but the gym. If you are unable to do a handstand safely, a wall walk or plank will be just fine. Each team member can earn ONE point this week by completing the challenge.1 point regular handstand against wall2 points if you can do a wheelbarrow walk3 points for handstand walk+1 bonus point if in a public location (work, outside house, etc.)Directions to get the point(s): Please post your photo to your social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) “publicly” and tag @BadgerCrossFit on IG or Badger CrossFit on FB, and include the hashtags #BadgerCrossFit #AffiliateCup #InTheOpen #YourTeamName.Due date: Complete the challenge before MONDAY at 5:00 pm.Here are some photos in year's past!

This week's theme:

It's Fancy Hat Day (Anything but ball cap or beanie)

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