A bad day doesn't mean bad life

April 22, 2022
A bad day doesn't mean bad life

When I was a kid, I was non-proficient in every sport I tried. Volleyball? Couldn't spike. Basketball? Couldn't layup. Softball? Couldn't throw far. So, after awhile, I gave up and assumed I wasn't good at anything athletic.Isn't the same with life? We try something and, when we face a challenge -- when a weakness is exposed -- we'd rather quit and assume we don't cut it rather than overcome. "Because life is short," we say. "Energy is limited and why work hard if we can just simply find something else?"But the things we don't want to do, are exactly the things we NEED to do to grow. Consider CrossFit. As defined, the sport makes us cross fit. That means, while we have cross strengths, we also are plagued with cross weaknesses. So, often, there is no way around them. If we suck at thrusters? Chances are, the coach will program them. If we don't like to run? Yes, there will eventually be running. Rarely do we give up on CrossFit all together just because we are non-proficient at one thing. We work our weaknesses to be better over time.And if we can do this inside an industrial warehouse, imagine what we can do in the real world.If you'd like to work specific weaknesses, consider following Badger's Programming Tracks: Body (gymnastics), Build (strength) and Battery (endurance) -- additional workouts to target deficiencies. Details can be found inside our members Facebook group.

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