BCF announces 2018 award recipients

April 22, 2022
BCF announces 2018 award recipients

As the year comes to a close, we'd like to take a moment to recognize a few members who stand out in the gym -- announcing them during our annual Christmas party. The following have demonstrated an outstanding representation of their respected award and we are honored to have them at Badger.EMANATING SPIRIT AWARD: The Emanating Spirit Award goes to two members who demonstrate a positive, inspirational approach to their view of fitness and CrossFit.MALE: Austin PrushaAustin is an eager student who passionately learns strategies and works his goals, regularly coming early and staying late after class.FEMALE: Beckie BeachBeckie always walks through the doors with a smile on her face and brings energy and life to the 5am classes.COMMITTED CLUB AWARD: If you aren’t familiar with our Committed Club, every month we pull a report of members who’ve signed up and checked in more than 20 times that month and then do a random drawing from those names for a Valentine gift card.So, the Committed Club Award goes respectively to a male and female athlete who’ve checked in the most times in 2018. These athletes are truly committed to their fitness. No matter what else is going on in their lives, they make gym time a priority.MALE: Matt DesorboHe checked in 249 times.FEMALE: Monika YeeHe checked in 247 times.COMMITTED CLUB ANNUAL AWARD: In addition to the Committed Club Award, those who have been in the club more than 75% of their membership in 2018 are eligible to win one-month membership.WINNER: Courtney DeSorboShe was in the club 10 months in a row.ROOKIE OF THE YEAR AWARD: The Rookie of the Year Award goes to members who’ve been with us for a year or less and demonstrate an exceptional drive to improve their fitness and serve as an example for those newer to Badger.MALE: Matt LuceStarting out in Function and since moving to CrossFit, he was initially restricted by his back and lack of core strength but asked coaches for additional help and was dedicated to getting stronger.FEMALE: Megan WolfShe also started in Function and moved to CrossFit. She is dedicated to improving her fitness and does it with a smile on her face.MOST IMPROVED AWARD: The Most Improved Award goes to members who’ve quickly turned their health around through better nutrition and a commitment to fitness. Their journey is a prime example of BEFORE and AFTER.MALE: Nick ThullHe is a model of consistency. He uses each class as an opportunity to ask how he can improve, not just crush the WOD. The partnership of his consistency and curiosity has led to exceptional improvement across all domains.FEMALE: Betsy SoyakShe was unable to do a pull up when she joined and was new to the barbell. She dedicated herself to get not one, but multiple pullups and joined our WL 101 course to improve herself on the BB movements.LEADERSHIP AWARD: The Leadership Award celebrates those who go above and beyond to educate, assist and encourage members and stand out as a stand-up athlete worth following.MALE: Brian OlenderHe never hesitates to educate fellow members from his own experiences, consistently works on his own setbacks, and is always responsive to feedback.FEMALE: Katie WeiherShe is mindful of her movement and is always looking for feedback even though she has been in CrossFit for sometime now, she recognizes that there is always room for improvement.MEMBER OF THE YEAR AWARD: The Member of the Year Award goes to athletes who are not only a positive representation of the gym, but also a role model in their health, fitness, mindset, mentality and life balance.MALE: Alex MartinHe has a busy family life at home and still makes his health a priority and does so with a smile and a positive attitude.FEMALE: Pam PfeifferShe refuses to give half effort and continually blows everyone away by her abilities and continual progress. These two both work hard and we couldn’t ask for better role models in the gym.

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