Fitness for a lifetime...

April 22, 2022
Fitness for a lifetime...

VIDEO: Suzie; an example of someone doing "fitness for a lifetime."Many people who come to Badger CrossFit after going to a similar gym, or a CrossFit gym of some kind, all say the same thing... "You guys are a lot different."Communicating that difference is a bit challenging, but here's our best shot...We've done the CrossFit "game" for a long time -- since 2011. Our owner, Tyler, has done it since 2007. We've seen a LOT of changes over the years, and this includes our beliefs about what CrossFit is and should be for the Milwaukee area.Most of what CrossFit is, we are down with. But there are many things we are not (ex: the "sport" of CrossFit being used as the way to get fit [hint: it's not], improper scaling, exclusivity, intimidation, pushing too far too soon, sacrificing health for results, and more).Our primary goal is to get people healthy and the body composition they desire. It is not to just make them a great CrossFitter. When we program, we do not think up the "hardest" workout we can. We do not think up the "sexiest" workout we can. We think about how we can get you where you want to go -- not just 5 months from now, but 5+ years from now. If we get you abs in 5 months, but leave you hurt in 5 years, what did we really accomplish for you? What did you pay for?The difference:

Of course, we can go into all the science, but we hope it's simple enough to grasp a bit of a difference.If you have always been intimidated by this type of gym, we encourage you to try ours. We know we're bias, but us.Come try us out! There is nothing like it.

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