Four ways you need to use SugarWOD

April 22, 2022
Four ways you need to use SugarWOD

SugarWOD -- our virtual whiteboard -- is THE go-to app to sneak-peek WODs, record scores and to engage with other Badger athletes in the name of fitness. But are you making the most of your entries? Here are four ways to boost your SugarWOD experience:1. Make notes: In the comments section after every score entry, track how you felt during the workout, if you got good sleep the night before and how you felt after. These will help you make a better apples-to-apples comparison when/if you re-perform the WOD. Notice trends in your performances based off your notes.2. Make plans: Especially useful for benchmark WODs, write down a plan of attack the next time you re-perform the WOD. For instance, if I did Fran at 55#, I would note it felt light and suggest to my future self go for 60# next time.3. Make every workout count: You can track workouts in SugarWOD even if it is not Badger programmed. Hit "ME" on the bottom of the app and then the "LOGBOOK" icon. Choose a day and click "CREATE YOUR OWN" to manually enter in your workout and results. Especially useful when lifting at home or if you dropped in at another CrossFit gym while traveling. This will track your progress without making it public to the rest of Badger.4. Make friends: SugarWOD is also a social media platform to engage with fellow athletes. Encourage others' pursuits and successes. Fistbump and leave comments. Chances are, others will do the same, exactly when you need it.Don't have SugarWOD? Download the app from the app store and email to get the passcode to join our Badger CrossFit group.

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