Function is BACK!

April 22, 2022
Function is BACK!


Function Classes are BACK AT BADGER CROSSFIT!

Important Info:

Start Date: Monday, May 3rd
Class Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturdays
Class Times: 6:15am and 4:45pm MWF. 7/8/9am Saturdays with the CF Group.

What is Function?

Function is a revolutionary training program created by the minds at Badger CrossFit. Function allows newer people or the seasoned fitness enthusiast to get started with Functional strength and conditioning in a very impactful but non-intimidating way.  It incorporates the same functional movements that are seen throughout CrossFit but with a specialized focus on burning fat, increasing your cardio and creating strong, lean muscles all within a high-intensity workout! 

Whether you are looking for something new, bored with your routine and working out on your own, or want to add some variety to your current fitness, Function builds the balance between strength and cardio, teaching you about body mechanics and functional movements, and builds confidence without complex barbell or gymnastics movements.

How to sign-up?

Contact us! Anyone who was in our program prior to being shut down last year can jump back in like you never skipped a beat.

What is different?

Not much, other than better strength and conditioning principles we've learned over the years. We are changing the duration of the class time from 1 hour to 45 minutes to allow for a more streamlined experience. 

You are also able to go back and forth from CrossFit to Function as often or little as you want, or not at all! If you find that you'd like to get in more than the 4x/week we have now, you now can with adding in another class we offer (CrossFit class).

Lastly, Coach Jesalyn Johnson is now the sole coach of this program! Read up on her here.

What is the cost?

Our unlimited membership is a simple, paid-monthly membership, based on duration. We offer 3/6/12 month memberships, paid monthly or paid in full. 


I'm ready to go...!!!

>>> CONTACT US and we will get you going for our Start Date of May 3rd, 2021. <<<

(If you are already a member at BCF in our group classes right now, you can either ignore this email, or let us know if you want to try out Function!)

If you have any other questions, let us know!

In Health,

Badger Staff

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