Give priority to mental health

April 22, 2022
Give priority to mental health

I was watching a crazed fitness guru on YouTube last night boast about how he had the magic trick to losing weight and gaining muscle. "Just look at me!" he said."These results are crazy!" he said. "You won't be disappointed!" he said. And it got me wondering, people are so anxious to improve their physical physique and performance -- sign up for challenges, take supplements, hire gurus like this guy. What would happen if the same enthusiasm existed for a shift in our emotional or mental well-being, too? In addition to counting macros, what if we counted blessings?In addition to measuring our waistline, what if we measured our capacity to experience life? In addition to lifting heavy weight, what if we found new ways to lift each other up? Maybe focusing on these things, too, we'd approach fitness challenges with a new-found positivity and drive with realistic expectations and a plan in place for dealing with the stress such challenges can bring. Maybe our outlooks would be brighter and our results would be better.Maybe, just maybe, we'd improve our fitness if we improved our mentality.If you are interested in a mind shift or need help organizing and achieving your life goals, contact Tina , Badger's in-house Life Coach, at

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