Goal setting through your quarter-life, mid-life crisis

April 22, 2022
Goal setting through your quarter-life, mid-life crisis

It is no myth. The quarter-life and midlife crises DO exist. But instead of the tongue-in-cheek "trying to be young again," sometimes it is merely a marker of changing seasons. Consider this... The 20-something just got out of college. Now what? The 30-something is just starting a family. Now what? The empty-nester sent her last kid to college. Now what?In these cases, "crisis" is realizing our old goals may be out-of-date, prompting a re-calibration. It is taking an honest look at ourselves to determine our next course of action, then walking that path.So how can we do it?Take a life audit.Take an inventory of everything you're doing and being, then prioritize what's important to you and eliminate what's not. In Caroline Righton's book, The Life Audit, she outlines four steps through the process.Step 1Be honest and answer the following questions:Are you in control of your life?Am I really living life to my full potential?How truly present am I in my life?Are you doing the things YOU want to do?Step 2Brainstorm your life goals, writing each on a post-it note. Writing on a piece of paper can resonate more than typing on a computer, creating a more personal and engaging level.Step 3Sift through you post-its and find common themes, such as health and fitness, relationships, spirituality and career. This will also help you see the priorities in life, re-establish your priorities and remove clutter.Step 4Create your own personal plan of action. Write down everything you can do to work toward your goals within each theme you created. What will make you feel more satisfied or fulfilled in each area? If you have many areas to work on, choose two at a time. Be kind to yourself and work at a slow pace. Commit andmanifest them in your life.If you need a little help taking the next steps, Badger can help. Contact Coach Tina at tina@badgercrossfit.com, who is a certified life coach, to help you establish a plan and move move forward.

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