Growth for growth: Change your mindset, change your results

April 22, 2022
Growth for growth: Change your mindset, change your results

My kids are learning at school the new wave concept of having a "growth mindset." Basically, it's turning limiting "fixed" beliefs into growth opportunities."I can't" becomes "I can't yet.""I'm weak" becomes "With practice, I will lift that.""Nothing will change" becomes "I can make things happen."It's looking at life in an empowering way despite our victim culture.However, being positive is hard, because it goes against the very survival instincts of man. Our DNA is hardwired to remember negative experiences over positive ones as a way to stay alive. For instance, our ancestors remembered the big furry cat with teeth and claws would kill them over remembering that a bird or butterfly was pretty. Our mindset is hardwired to be negative.What's more, almost two thirds of English words describe or attribute to negativity. And verbalizing these words (or "stating facts") -- it's hot, I'm tired, the kids are annoying, my spouse won't listen -- focuses us on the problem (more than likely a problem we can't control) and sticks us in the negative mindset.And it's this negative pity pit that limits our performance inside the gym. We become slower, less precise. We are already capping our progress, like a glass ceiling, and never reach our potential. Instead, we need to use positivity -- a growth mindset -- to see the possibility.So if we want to override the negativity surrounding us (or in us), we must choose to be positive, lay claim to growth and opportunity and practice it every. single. day. Because a negative view will never lead to a positive life.

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