Gym Update: Reopening

April 22, 2022
Gym Update: Reopening

In light of the recent updates, Badger CrossFit will reopen for group classes on Friday, May 22st.At Badger CrossFit, our members come first. During this time, our number one priority is the health and safety of our members. While we have been given the green light to reopen, we have committed to following all of the recommended safety guidelines from the CDC and government.That means our classes will look a little different than they used to as we slowly transition back to normal. As much as we would love to resume our usual style of classes, we need to ensure that our members and coaches feel safe and comfortable. BCF isn’t just a gym; it’s a community. That’s why your cooperation and support during this time is so important to us and to our journey back to normalcy.Below are descriptions of how Badger CrossFit will be reopening and what you can expect regarding class structure and staff efforts. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at info@badgercrossfit.comWhile we are taking precautions, we are so grateful for the opportunity to reopen. Most of all, we are excited to get back into the gym with everyone!Class sizes, times and how it works: Our reopening will begin with limited class sizes to ensure that everyone is maintaining social distancing guidelines and staying six feet apart throughout the class. Note: given the sensitivity of this situation, class sizes may be subject to change on a daily basis upon evaluation.Our staff and members will need adequate time before and after classes to properly wipe down equipment. To help make that possible, classes will be 50 minutes. Class times will be posted soon.Members will not be allowed into the gym until all stations have been sanitized and members from the previous class have left the building. View the FAQ below for a more detailed description of our sanitization plan.Signing up/Cancelling for classes:Sign-ups will occur on a first-come-first-serve basis through ZenPlanner.We are instituting a $10 cancellation and/or no-show fee if you RSVP but do not cancel it within TWO hours of the start of class -OR- do not show up for the class you signed up for.We ask that members take extra caution when booking classes, since space is limited. Should you need to cancel, please ensure to do so no later than TWO hours before the scheduled class time or you will incur a non-refundable $10 fee.Equipment Return DateIf you came by to grab equipment to use at home and plan on attending classes again, we ask that you please bring this equipment back so it can be used in classes! Equipment return dates are May 18-19th from 8a-5p.When you arrive for class…Remember to adhere to six-feet of social distancing when parking and waiting to enter the building. Coaches will invite members inside when appropriate; we ask that you do not enter the building until specified. All members entering through tall side doors. Water dispenser will not be in use, so we ask that each member brings a prefilled bottle.When you enter you will be assigned a number. (For Example: “Athlete 1”) After you receive your number, you will see a number in the box. That is the area you and your belongings will stay in for the workout unless instructed by a coach. No two members will ever use the same equipment inside the class duration.Coaches and you will be equipped with spray bottles and towels. Before equipment use and after equipment use, the member will receive a sprayed towel to wipe their section. That paper towel is thrown away and a new paper towel is issued to the member, by the coach on the next rotation.Six feet of distance will be indicated on the floor with tape. All coaches will wear face masks, but members are not required to. After workouts, members will clean what they have used and exit out the front of the building. The next class is allowed in after the coach has finished thoroughly cleaning.Facility updates: Until further notice, the water dispenser, showers and child care room will not be available. Individual bathrooms will remain open for emergencies. Do your business before you enter the doors. This is to prevent members from gathering in areas that do not allow for six feet between themselves and others, and to help keep the facilities sanitized.FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)Will kids care still be provided? No, kids care will not be available at this time. Can I get to class early to stretch? Members will be allowed into the gym five minutes before their scheduled class time or when all members from the previous class have left the building and the BCF team has completed their sanitizing tasks. What if I am worried that coming back to the gym is not best for my health or the health of a loved one? The health and safety of our members are our top priority. While we are working hard to ensure that we are following state, CDC and EPA cleaning procedures and practices, we understand if you are not ready to come back. If you or a loved one fall into the higher risk category for COVID-19, we ask that you please stay home. While we would love to have you back in the gym, we want to ensure your safety. We will continue to post Home WODs in SugarWOD.What precautions is BCF taking to sanitize everything between classes? The BCF staff will be sanitizing all surfaces before and after each class. Our staff will use a Clorox/bleach cleaning solution that has been recommended by the CDC and EPA in the fight against COVID-19. The areas and items that will be cleaned are listed but not limited to, all handles (including doors, sink handles and toilet handles), all equipment (rowers, ski-ergs, Runners, dumbbells, straps, mats, barbells, plates, mats, medicine balls and kettlebells), entire gym floors, electronics, and more. BCF staff members are required to wash their hands prior to and after cleaning between classes. Doors and fans will remain open and on at all times to minimize the touching of door handles and keep airflow active. Members should consider leaving their phones and wallets in their cars to minimize the exposure by the cubbies. We also ask that all members enter through the large gym doors. Until further notice there will be no use of gym chalk, showers, bathrooms (unless emergency), water dispenser, cubbies or childcare room. When BCF is up and running at full force, we will start the discussion and guidelines for those areas and supplies. Areas could be marked off with tape to ensure no one uses them. This is to protect our members and ensure everything can be wiped down and remain sanitized. We are encouraging members to use the restroom prior to coming to the gym. What detailed sanitation plan does BCF have in place?We will be using the following cleaners: primary ingredient, Alkyl (50% C14, 40% C12, 10% C16) dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, is listed in the EPA list below for disinfection: have plenty of Clorox bleach and will be using a mixture of 5 tablespoons of Clorox/1 gallon of water to clean all areas of the gym. Or similar product. Bleach will be used as needed or warranted, but avoided as much as possible due to it's metal corrosion properties if left to sit on equipment.The following items will be cleaned before and after every class:

The following items will be cleaned after every use:

Are class times still the same? Can I still sign up on Zen Planner? Class times are different than usual and will be posted in Zenplanner soon!Members WILL BE REQUIRED to sign up for a class through Zenplanner. Please note that class times may change or be adjusted as needed so do not assume any schedule. Check daily. Follow us on social media (@badgercrossfit) to stay updated on any class time changes! Will class structure remain the same? Classes will be structured differently during this time. Both CrossFit and Function will be combined together and offer a limited # of people per class and classes will be 50 minutes. Chalk will not be permitted for use during this time. What is the cancellation policy for new classes? Members must cancel TWO hours prior to the registered class time. If you do not cancel over 2 hours prior, you will incur a $10 fee. If you do not show up for your class, a no-show will result in an $10 no-show fee. These are NON-REFUNDABLE.We ask that members be courteous during this time and transition. Since signups based on class sizes will be limited, we ask that you cancel vs taking the no-show fee to give other members the opportunity to work out. As always, if you must cancel after the two hours, please email Alyssa at to be removed.Can we catch up after class? No, members will be asked to exit the gym using the front entrances quickly after class. We want to ensure that everyone is following the social distancing guidelines and staying at least six feet apart before, during and after classes. While we would love to hang out after classes, we ask that you be mindful of your health and others and catch up with your fellow members online or via phone after classes! What if I’m not ready to come back to BCF? Can I still keep my loaned equipment? No. We still want you to be able to complete your at-home workouts like you have been! But if you need equipment, you will need to consider getting your own or doing bodyweight version. During this transition time, we will continue to offer demos as needed via Loom and Zoom classes (limited).Do I have to bring back my loaned equipment if I come back to classes? Yes, we are asking that if you are able to come back to the gym and classes that you bring back your piece of loaned equipment. The dates are May 18 and 19th from 8am to 5pm. This way, you and others will be able to use it for classes! We will sanitize all loaned pieces of equipment prior to making it available in the gym and will clean each piece of equipment after use and classes. How does this affect my membership?We understand that this is a difficult time for many and some may not be able to join us back in the gym yet. Though, if you are able to come to classes, your holds and 'programming only' memberships will be ending May 21st. If you have a medical reason to stay home, or do not feel comfortable just yet, you can continue your hold for 14-28 more days maximum. Please reach out if you have questions. Once we reach phase two in the Badger Bounce Back, we will be ending all membership holds and all memberships will resume.I have more questions! What do I do?Please reach out to Alyssa or the team at with any questions you have! We will happily assist you during this time.

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