JANUARY 2020 Committed Club

April 22, 2022
JANUARY 2020 Committed Club

We started off 2020 hot! 70 awesome members were part of the Committed Club in January- showing their dedication to training, wellbeing, and health!In 2019, to be a part of the committed club, you had to both RSVPandcheck- in for class 15 times or more in one month.Many came, but didn’t RSVP and Check-in to classes. As a change to the 2020 Committed Club, we are now including these members! There will be a post to follow with additional details on these changes!Here is the full list of those in the January 2020 Committed Club (check-in 15 times or more in a month)Our rockstar members who do both RSVP + Check-In (15 times or more) for class are listed in bold:Adam MillerMary BryanJess StrotherJames KellnerHannah JanschAlex BlakeMatt LuceJon BeckerJen SholtesJack BatznerAlex GutschenritterMatt PetrickJon KuschJennifer BenashTiffany BiancoAlyssa ChaseMatthew MasonJordan BurnettJennifer LangridgeTim SpildeAna DominguezMegan PeloquinKaren MartinoJenny PervaizTroy PetersonAndrew EllisMike BranskiKate PetersonJesalyn JohnsonZach DentonAnthony EggebrechtNate DuldeKatelyn BurnettDan SandersEric BorghAureal OjedaNathan LarsenKeith MontagueDanielle BruskyErica ChiarkasBarbra FaganNazanin TabeshLeah RosenowDrew DumsErik RichardsBeckie BeachOliver RadtkeLeslie ColvinEllie LarsenEvan OlsonBecky MarvelPeter SetterMartha SavoryEmily SamayoaSumeet UttamchandaniBetsy KarliReese DziedzicEmily TruongShannon MillerTacara LovingsBlake NoldRich WattRobert MochelCarlos HerreraTaylor HigginbothamBrandon HaanRyan YoungRoss MiltonChris LazarskiTerry PomeroySpecial shout out to Taylor Higginbotham who is January's Committed Club member of the month! Since joining in November, Taylor has been consistent in her hard work and positive attitude. She has been making tremendous gains and PR's all over the place! Great job, Taylor!

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