July Committed Club (2019)

April 22, 2022
July Committed Club (2019)

The second half of 2019 has begun and yet another committed group for July!Congratulations to the following members for their dedication to their training, wellbeing, and health! Being a part of the committed club is an honor and a testament to fitness performance gains. The more you’re at Badger CrossFit, the closer you are to your goals! Many came, but didn't RSVP and Check-in to classes. To be a part of the committed club, you must check in and WOD 15 times or more in one month. Details are here.This month's crew of >=15 classes (if your name is missed, it's most likely you didn't do both check-in and RSVP to class): Betsy SoyakBrandon HaanCarlos Herrera

Colleen Pomeroy

Courtney Desorbo

Danielle BruskyDrew PorterfieldJenny LangridgeJess StrotherKaren MartinoLeah RosenowLeslie ColvinMaria GarciaMatt PetrickPam PfeifferPeter SetterRobert MochelShannon Miller

Sumeet Uttamchandani

Troy PetersonTyler HalbergWill ErikWhen you see Betsy Soyak, give her a high five! Betsy is the winner for being "Committed" making it in 18 times this past month and being in the committed club EVERY MONTH so far in 2019! She joined Badger in July of 2015 and has stayed dedicated to her fitness ever since - joining our Weightlifting 101 to improve her strength work and continuing to show up for classes. She is always open to feedback, getting coached and improving herself! Awesome job Betsy!

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