Little Things Add Up

April 22, 2022
Little Things Add Up

In training, like in life, it’s the little things - done consistently - that matter the most. Over the course of weeks and months, little by little, a little becomes A LOT. Whether your goal is to lose weight, add muscle, get more competitive, or live a fuller more active life, it’s the one step and one inch after another that gets you toward your goals. One day alone will not get you there, but add those days up for a few weeks and months and the hard work starts to pay off.

One of the biggest parts of this consistency formula is fun. Finding the fun in training is a big part of staying consistent. If your workout is fun you are much more likely to stick with it. But for many people, the results they want include having a fun workout AND more - like fun AND getting stronger, fun AND being more comfortable in their skill. If this is the case, then your training should be MORE than just fun.

Luckily, there is a different way to define enjoyment when it comes to training than just fun and games: Learning to enjoy and find fulfillment in the small victories and gains you experience every day is the formula for longevity in your training. When this happens, knowing that you are taking another small step forward toward your big goal starts to become the best victory in the world. Over time all the little parts of training shift from being novel or nagging, to fun.

Following tempo for example might seem boring and slow at first. But after learning how time under tension leads to better body composition and increased strength, you start to love whenever you see that @2020 & 30X1 tempo! And just like that, all the little things in training that you know will add up to the big wins, start to become the best part. Take consistent aerobic splits for example. Sure, some days you might want to sprint - and some days that's ok, but when it helps you burn more fat and recharge faster in your workouts so you can get more work done - then that's actually MORE FUN in the long run.

To reach the big lofty goals that you have, focusing on finding fun and enjoyment in the little things will help you get there. You can’t jump straight to the end of the race, you must go inch by inch until you get there. And being able to enjoy those inches more than the finish line is your superpower! Knowing that you are adding up inches each time you are in the gym. Each time you stick to the tempo on a movement and each time you nail your aerobic split, again, you add another inch to your race. And over time, when you add those inches up, they can cover any distance and any goal you can think of. Hard work IS the shortcut.

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