MARCH 2020 Committed Club

April 22, 2022
MARCH 2020 Committed Club

Amazing job to everyone in our March 2020 Committed Club! Despite the unexpected times we are all experiencing due to the COVID-19, these members were still able to check in 15 times or more this month!

Allison Mohorek

Jesalyn JohnsonAna Dominguez

Katie Weiher

Andrew Ellis

Martha Savory

Barbra Fagan

Peter Setter

Brandon Haan

Rich Watt

Brian Tresedder

Robert Mochel

Emily Samayoa

Shannon MillerEvan Olson

Sumeet Uttamchandani

Hannah Jansch

Tacara Lovings

Jenny Barbera

Taylor Higginbotham

Tiffany Bianco

Megan Peloquin

Special shout out to Barb Fagan who is our Committed Club Member of the Month! Every day Barb brings her positive spirit and hard work to our community!We are proud of ALL of our members for their hard work and commitment to their health during these difficult times. Keep up the good work!Remember! During the time that we can't get into the physical gym- to check in, all you need to do is log your workout of the day results on SugarWOD for Committed Club "credit".Stay strong and stay healthy!

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