Master the basics: Why foundational movements matter

April 22, 2022
Master the basics: Why foundational movements matter

I watch my son play Minecraft -- an imaginary digital building game where blocks float in midair. To construct a house, he could start from the roof and work his way down. He could start with the walls and work his way in. He could even bounce around, working on the windows, then roof, then walls.But Minecraft is not real life.To build a house, we must start from the base -- the foundation -- and build our way up.And so it is with CrossFit. We cannot successfully do a toes-to-bar without first mastering a basic sit-up. We cannot master a push jerk without first mastering a shoulder press. And we should not attempt a clean without first mastering the deadlift. Why?Because attempting complex movement patterns without first mastering the fundamentals can lead to improper, poor technique and injury.Badger CrossFit focuses a lot on the foundational movements -- the squat, the press and the deadlift. According to basic exercise philosophy, these are the basic first movements to learn before building to others.[caption id="attachment_14470" align="alignnone" width="370"]

This is not a comprehensive list. For example only.[/caption]Only when we master the basics, can we move onto more complex movement patterns (the clean, the snatch, the handstand push up, the ring muscle-up, etc).So, no matter how much you want to put the RX after your name, make sure you have the basics down. Ask a coach to watch you perform the movement or take a look at our scaling chart in the gym. Where do you fall?The key to a strong, capable and fit body -- the temple of health -- starts with the foundation.

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