Mobility begins with the foam roller

April 22, 2022
Mobility begins with the foam roller

Has a coach ever labeled you as tight -- tight ankles, tight hips, tight shoulders?Before jumping into PT or going to get a sports massage, consider the simple foam roller. Also, aiding in blood circulation and preventing acid build-up, foam rolling is essential to increased mobility.How?We all have fascia (a thin sheet of fibrous tissue) surrounding our muscles. Inactivity, repetitive motion and injuries can cause this fascia and the underlying muscle to bind or ruffle together, causing knots, trigger points and leading to tightness.Technically called myofascial release, rolling out can help loosen everything up by flattening out the binding. It helps minimize muscular imbalances in opposing muscle groups, as tightness in one of these muscle groups can interfere with your ability to engage the other. It also improves range of motion, which of course means improved movement patterns and more efficiency in the gym.Today through Sept 21, 2018, we are offering our TriggerPoint foam rollers for only $20.Supply is limited. Check out in the gym on the iPad kiosk.

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