November Committed Club (2018)

April 22, 2022
November Committed Club (2018)

Holiday season makes it tough for most to get into the gym, however there are still members making fitness a priority! It is time to announce our Committed Club members for this month! Congratulations to the following for their dedication to their training when goals are just an afterthought this late in the year! Being a part of the committed club is an honor and a testament to fitness performance gains. The more you’re at Badger CrossFit, the closer you are to your goals! Many came, but didn't RSVP and Check-in to classes. To be a part of the committed club, you must check in and WOD 20 times or more in one month. Details are here.This month's crew of >=20 classes (if your name is missed, it's most likely you didn't do both check-in and RSVP to class):

When you seem them, give them a high five! Monika is this months winner for being "Committed!" ;) Monika joined November 17th of last year and has been dedicated ever since. She may be small but she is mighty and constantly trying to better herself. She arrives early to prep herself before class starts and stays after to take time for self-care through stretching. Coupled with showing up at 6am with a smile on her face, she is a bright spot in the gym! Awesome job Monika!

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