Stop cherry-picking and trust the process

April 22, 2022
Stop cherry-picking and trust the process

We thought it'd never come -- summer. And although the sunshine and warm breezes are enticing, spending less time in the gym means missing out on gains. And while we should view CrossFit is merely a means to an end (living a functional life), we need regular "continuing education." Just like going to one day of school won't qualify us to graduate, we can't come to the gym sporadically and expect to learn, improve and ultimately be more functional. Why? Because quality CrossFit programming builds on itself in cycles. Just like mastering addition before tackling trigonometry, we must consistently come to master heavy loads, followed by deloads, followed by max loads. If we cherry-pick the workouts (coming only once or twice a week), we only move horizontally -- never reaching the intended vertical goal of function. What's more, your body doesn't know the difference between a "fun" workout in your head vs an effective but "boring" workout on your body. It only knows the stress, resistance, breakdown and build up of muscle and movement.So basically put, if we aren't participating in the journey, we won't reap the results.Word of advice? Stop the cherry-picking, be consistent and trust the process. Your functionality depends on it.

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