Stop the excuses: You DO have time

April 22, 2022
Stop the excuses: You DO have time

Perhaps the biggest excuse to why we fall off any journey to health is we "don't have time.""I don't have time to make my meals so I go through the drive-through.""I don't have time to get to the gym. I work 15-hour days.""I don't have time do mobility. I want to relax before bed."And while some of these excuses are merely stating fact, "I don't have time" is often our default excuse for any failed attempt at progress.But if we look at it from a consumer perspective, we DO have time. We just choose to spend it (figuratively and literally) on one activity over another. It's called opportunistic cost. We subconsciously choose to pay our time in exchange for what will provide our most desired outcome (most convenient, most comfortable, etc).For instance, maybe you do work 15-hour days but don't get to the gym because time before work is exchanged for sleep. Time after work is exchanged for relaxation. Time during lunch is exchanged for visiting with co-workers.Knowing when we are making these "time transactions" gives us an honest look at what we value and gives us freedom to choose different. If we truly want the desired outcome to be health, we must exchange time for opportunities to better our condition.Exchange time watching an hour of sports on Sundays with pre-making meals.Exchange 30 minutes of a lunch hour with co-workers for a metcon or lifting session.Exchange 15 minutes of before-bed social media surfing with mobility.Because we DO have time. It's just what we choose to spend it on that determines our progress.

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