Sunday Spotlight: Drew Nault

April 22, 2022
Sunday Spotlight: Drew Nault


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This week we check in with an AM/PM attendee, Drew Nault! — Crossfitting since: April 2017. — A little about yourself: My wife Allyse and I live in Coopers Park. We have a newborn baby, Isabelle who is keeping us on our toes and up at night. I work as a loan officer at Accunet Mortgage helping people collateralize their debt or purchase a new home. I grew up in the Mukwonago area with three brothers. Sports was a big part of growing up. Whether in the backyard with my brothers and other neighborhood kids or little league, athletics definitely defined my childhood. I talk about having hobbies but really don’t have any, ask Allyse about my hunting gear sometime. — How did you get into CrossFit? We were in Chicago for St. Patrick’s Day a couple of years ago and my wife’s friend was really into it. She talked Allyse into doing it so I tagged along. I was so bored with going to the WAC for 3 hours, talking for 2.5 hours and squeaking out the blueprint “Fit for the Frat House” type of workout consisting of 3x10 rep scheme of accessory work. We were getting married later that fall and I figured within 6 months I’d be shredded wheat. We started with the intention of being members for 6 months or so, however like most people we felt a part of the community and have remained members since. Also, I enjoy coming to the gym with someone programming the workout so I just need to show up and not think about what I need to do. — What makes Badger CrossFit unique? It’s different than being “Gym Bag Joe” at your mainstream gym with your ear phones cranked up and crammed into your ear canal, a gym shark tank on, and avoiding eye contact with everyone. The community aspect and the relationships from a Badger class leave a more fulfilling feeling to one’s fitness routine. I don’t feel like I must go to the gym but want to go to the gym. — Advice for people just getting started: 1. Be patient, especially with the Olympic lifts. It will take months - really years to become proficient. That’s why they are an Olympic event, because they are difficult to master.

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