Sunday Spotlight: Emma Holmi

April 22, 2022
Sunday Spotlight: Emma Holmi

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This week we check in with a 9:15a/12p regular, Emma Holmi! — CrossFitting since: July 2017. — A little about yourself: I’m originally from Michigan and I moved to Milwaukee in May 2016. I’m a pharmacist and work in Pewaukee. I recently bought my first home right here in Tosa and I love it; being a new homeowner certainly keeps me busy and a perk is that it’s super close to BCF. I love being outdoors and you’ll usually find me somewhere down by Lake Michigan on my days off or checking out new restaurants! My parents are originally from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, so I actually grew up a Packers fan (huge plus of moving to Wisconsin!) – I love watching the Bucks, too and I’m always down to watch a game. — How did you get into CrossFit? I actually got into CrossFit when my younger sister, Hanna, was living with me for the summer. She said it would be a great way for me to meet people and get active again. We started Function together when she was here – a lot of people thought we were twins, but there are 4 years between us. :) After she moved back to Michigan, I made the leap to the CrossFit classes. — How has CrossFit changed you outside the gym? I’m now a stronger person physically, but more importantly I’m stronger mentally and emotionally. Since joining BCF I’ve also learned to become more intentional – whether it’s how I choose to use my free time, investing in friendships and relationships, or even just getting through the work day…I’ve learned that choosing to have a positive attitude makes all the difference. — What makes Badger CrossFit unique? I’ll echo what most people have said - the community and coaches are rad! When I broke my patella last February all the coaches were very helpful and accommodating in modifying WODs for me – they are all knowledgeable and more than wiling to help! Also, I love going to the gym now and knowing I’ll see a friendly face – I love working out with all the fun mommas at noon. :) Another aspect that makes BCF stand out is their dedication to constantly improving both the gym and our experience as members; BCF’s attention to detail does not go unnoticed!

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