Sunday Spotlight: Travis Lepera

April 22, 2022
Sunday Spotlight: Travis Lepera

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This week we check in with a 6pm ? regular, Travis Lepera! — CrossFitting since: 2011. My first CrossFit Games Open in 2012. — A little about yourself: Born in Cincinnati, Ohio and went to Miami (Ohio) University. Upon graduation, enrolled in Teach For America, where I taught at an inner-city middle school in Chicago. This is where I met my wife-Kim. Also, this is where I joined my first CrossFit gym. After completing my commitment to TFA, we moved to Kentucky to complete dental school at the University of Louisville. Currently, I am completing my last 6 months of pediatric dental residency at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. — How did you get into CrossFit? I always loved the training aspects while playing high school sports. This continued in college where I began running 5-10K races competitively. I wanted something that combined the weights, with the cardio, and magically my friend introduced me to CrossFit. — How has CrossFit changed you outside the gym? The best part of CrossFit is it made me aware the importance of discipline. Wellness includes multiple disciplines and CrossFit taught me to tighten up my discipline in relationships, school, work, and other facets of life (besides showing up on time to CrossFit class). — What makes Badger CrossFit unique? The community of Badger has become our second home in Milwaukee. Everyone is able to lean on each other and learn from one another. Badger also focuses on providing its members with the best space and the newest equipment which makes every workout exciting. — Advice for people just getting started: Each day is an opportunity to grow ourselves as people. While it may feel overwhelming at first, showing up, trusting the coaches, and working out with friends will grow you as a person. Whether you are first or last place, CrossFit will better your fitness. Find joy in the journey. : : : #memberoftheweek #sundayspotlight #motivation #progress #fitness #community #results #badgercrossfit #badgerbuilt #crossfit #inspiration #hardwork #fitfam #wauwatosa #wisconsin

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