Train your shoulder: Why BCF programs pulls and pushes

April 22, 2022
Train your shoulder: Why BCF programs pulls and pushes

The human shoulder is capable of performing incredible ranges of movement and variation. As a result, it's important to know why we program what we do at BCF to ensure you keep your shoulders healthy and pain-free for a long-term, healthy existence.The chart above has been our long-time philosophy on shoulder volume and movements, recently made simpler by Dr. John Rusin, Madison, WI. See his original graphic here: put simply:-Perform 3 times as many vertical pulls as you do vertical pressing. (ie. 3 pullups for every 1 shoulder press or bench press/push-up).-Perform 2 times as many rows as you do vertical pulls. (ie. 2 barbells rows for every 1 pull-up).This rule also has nothing to do with sets in a given day. Instead, it is total reps across the week or training block, including warm-up, training, recovery and daily maintenance.There are many factors to consider here, as these have a lot of interplay and variations, but this is our guideline to shoulder strength and health.Effectively programming in smart, logical ways creates balance across all groups of muscles in the shoulder (which tends to be one of the most injurious due to the fact of it's incredible variation of movement).If you have issues with your shoulder, the first step is to keep following our daily programming. Don't overuse muscle groups as imbalance and potential injury may occur.If you have questions, ask a coach or email us at

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