Transformation: Jeannie Brashear

April 22, 2022
Transformation: Jeannie Brashear

Meet Jeannie Brashear, a driven member who used Badger and the health community to overcome physical limitations due to a birth injury and consistently surprises herself with the results.Overall, I’ve always been a healthy-ish person, albeit with some physical limitations due to a birth injury that caused severe nerve damage in my right shoulder. My gift to myself after having kiddo No. 2 6 years ago was getting a personal trainer and I officially caught the training bug.I didn’t think CrossFit was something I could do because of the shoulder limitations BUT, two years ago I walked into Qdoba and Tyler happened to be there wearing a BCF t-shirt. I asked him a ton of questions. It was encouraging to hear and see that CrossFit could be for me, so I gave it a shot and was hooked.Before I started CrossFit, I couldn’t catch myself on the ground when going into a full burpee, or push myself off the floor afterwards (I always had to use a low box. I also didn't have the mobility for a front squat, and couldn't even get my head underneath the bar to get into a back squat position. Doing simple, everyday things like putting my keys in my right coat pocket or my hair in a ponytail without the assistance of my left arm was impossible. I remember the moment I overcame each of these issues over the past two years and the ridiculously huge smile on my face when I realized what I had accomplished.My fitness journey has been a fun one. I didn’t have the mindset struggle of getting to the gym. Ego wasn’t a problem either, mainly because I was used to not being able to accomplish much because of my physical limitations. The biggest mind shift for me was to learn how to ignore the fact I couldn't do certain things for the past 40 years and instead focus on the idea I just can't do them YET. Consistency and determination has me chipping away at these things everyday.In addition to the mobility gains, I've also become more healthy overall. I've lost 25 pounds and over 16 inches since I joined Badger. I wouldn't have achieved what I've done so far the help of Dr. Mike Roberts, who was extremely optimistic and convinced me that anything is possible (and obviously his dry needling, stretching and muscle manipulation skills); Becca at Lifestyle Nutrition for teaching me how to embrace a healthy, balanced relationship with food; and of course, my time with the amazing coaches at BCF 4-5 days a week, who have always modified programming for me in a way that is challenging and complimentary to my therapy.

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