Welcome Samantha and Ashley to our Coach Development Program

April 22, 2022
Welcome Samantha and Ashley to our Coach Development Program

Welcome Samantha and Ashley to the Coaches Development Program (CDP).

Badger CrossFit prides itself on having some of the best CrossFit coaching in the country. With such a high standard, we do not bring on many potential coaches to coach our valued members and athletes. Not just a set of eyes or someone to motivate, we pride ourselves in the development of you, the public, into athletes. The CDP is our way of ensuring coaches are here to learn, lead, and provide the proper instruction and atmosphere to our valued members, and learn the ins and outs of coaching, mindset and expectations in general in a functional fitness facility. We pride ourselves in this program, and helping the coaches meet their goals of becoming coaches, whether full-time or part-time within our organization.You will see both of them in our classes and soon leading them after a certain period of time. Be sure to say hi, and congratulate them on their new endeavors.

About Samantha

I have always been an athlete ever since I can remember. I started playing soccer and basketball in elementary school, and I was the girl who you'd see playing sports with the neighbor boys or playing soccer at recess. In college I had to learn to workout on my own without a team or set practice times. I'd run and do some light strength (your classic lunges and abs) at UW- La Crosse's REC, but basically I did a ton intramural sports to get the team atmosphere I missed from high school sports.

I first started CrossFit almost 4 years ago.ā€‹
My cousin and I had been doing a bootcamp class at Brick Crossfit in LA for about a year when we finally worked up the courage to take their intro CrossFit classes in August 2014ā€‹. I've been hooked ever since.

There are so many things I love about CrossFit, a few being: the community, the competitiveness, and how much it's taught me about health and fitness as well as about myself.

I've thought about becoming a CrossFit coach for awhile now, but it never felt like the right time. When I joined Badger in November, everyone was so welcoming and I felt like I fit in right away. I am so excited to start the Coach's Development Program and to have the opportunity to learn from all of the coaches here at Badger!

About Ashley

I was born and raised in Wauwatosa and from a young age had a passion for sports.I played collegiate basketball for the only Division II school in Wisconsin, UW-Parkside and post college went on to coach high school basketball and personal train full time for five years.I decided that I wanted something different for myself and my career and in 2013 I started working part time for lululemon. I am now the Store Manager for the Brookfield location and I absolutely love my job.I work with so many like minded individuals that are self motivated, love to sweat and strive to be their best self everyday.I have the unique opportunity to lead this powerful group of people and I absolutely love the challenge that leadership and management has brought into my life.Crossfit came into my life three years ago and I've been hooked ever since. I love feeling like an athlete again and love the fact that the only person I'm competing against now is myself.The Badger community has been such an amazing addition to my life, and Iā€™m beyond excited at the opportunity to give that back.

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