You can't 'sweat it out'

April 22, 2022
You can't 'sweat it out'

When was the last time you came to the gym a little hung over from a previous night of liquid overindulgence -- tired, maybe weak, but often with the sole purpose of getting a good sweat to "release the toxins?"

But our plan to sweat it out actually does more for us mentally and has no effect on our toxin levels. Why? Because we don't release toxins through our sweat. Toxins and chemicals are processed through our kidneys and liver. Sweat is simply to cool our bodies and is made of 99.9 percent water. And when the smallest traces of toxins (such as plastics or heavy metals) are found in our sweat, we pass more through our urine every day. In extreme cases, if more than a trace is found, we'd need medication more than a good sweat sesh.

"Sweating it out" (in the gym or sauna) does provide other benefits -- reduced stress, increased circulation and loosening stiff joints. But if we think an extended workout will get us back to good, we're better off downing a gallon of water and waiting for our efficient organs to do their thing.

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