Your body is not your masterpiece

April 22, 2022
Your body is not your masterpiece

Being part of the fitness industry, we're apt to become sensitive about our bodies. We pick and poke at ourselves and try to "work harder" in the gym and in the kitchen.But what if I told you, your body is not your offering to the world. Your body will not be your legacy. When you die, no one will write up an obituary about your abs. Your body is not your masterpiece, but your LIFE is.Instead, your body is your tool for your life's work -- to give and receive love. And our body's shape has no effect on our ability to do so. With a flat butt you can still you can listen to a friend, watch your kids play, visit a relative or hold a baby.So when you feel yourself analyzing your instrument, thank it instead. Thank your eyes for seeing, your hands for writing, your legs for walking. Because without them, you could never create your life's work -- your true masterpiece.

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