Welcome, Joe and Lyndsay!

June 18th, 2017|

We want to welcome Lyndsay and Joe to our dedicated and experienced lineup of coaches at Badger CrossFit. They both completed our extensive Coaches Development Program the past 4 months, which developed them through experiencing in class instruction, observation, feedback and more! We look forward to having them assist us in our growing arsenal of coaches [...]

Memorial Day Murph

May 22nd, 2017|

        Join us May 29 in a mid-day tribute to Lt. Michael P. Murphy during our annual Memorial Day Murph WOD. WHO: All members are welcome to participate in the workout. Kids and family are encouraged to spectate. No drop-ins or those with less than 3 months experience at a registered CrossFit [...]

Enter today for Badger’s first Mil-Town Throwdown

May 21st, 2017|

                  The Mil-town Throwdown is Badger CrossFit’s first ever competition to exclusively feature RX athletes in a true test of fitness. This inaugural competition will be your classic, old-school throwdown as seen in the glory years of CrossFit. With three workouts + final in one day, you [...]

April Committed Club (2017)

May 10th, 2017|

  Congratulations to the following members for their dedication to their training! Being a part of the committed club is an honor and a testament to fitness performance gains. The more you’re at Badger CrossFit, the closer you are to your goals! Many came, but didn't RSVP and Check-in to classes.  To be a part of [...]

Welcome Coach Melody as our new Assistant Head Coach

March 31st, 2017|

We're pleased to announce Melody Matson as our new Assistant Head Coach! While Melody has already been a part of our coaching staff, she will now assist us with growth and management of new classes and client relations, as well as taking on a more frequent coaching schedule. We're excited to have her on board [...]

2017 Affiliate Cup: Recap & Overall Winner

March 31st, 2017|

The Affiliate Cup was a success. And by success we mean participation and community engagement. And fun. And spirit. We bonded more, we learned new names, we developed existing relationships and forged new ones, and most of all, had fun with fitness. It was an amazing time. Beyond words • The end of the Open [...]