Jesalyn Johnson

Jesalyn Johnson

Coach/Nutrition Coach

1-mile run: 5:45
Back Squat 207#
Deadlift 240#
Murph 34:15


CrossFit Level 1 Certification
Certified WAG Nutrition Coach
ASFA Certified Personal Trainer
Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science

About Coach

I have been an athlete for the majority of my life, competing in high school track and soccer, and competing in college as a sprinter for the 400-meter dash. As a college athlete, I won the Division III Indoor championship for the 400m race 2 years in a row, as well as ranked 12th Nationally in the Division III sprint medley race. Experiencing these highlights has taught me that discipline, hard work and dedication will help me succeed in not only in my career as a coach but in my overall health and life. It has trained me to set effective goals, create a team culture with motivation, and, more importantly, humble myself (to never stop learning). Also, my personal life experiences, being a wife and mom of 3 children has shaped me into the coach I am today. Being a good parent is a LOT like being a great coach. After all, a coach has to use many of the same qualities that a parent has to use, such as recognizing and encouraging the athlete's strengths, as well as helping them with their weaknesses. Coaching, like parenting, is incredibly hard work and takes a lot of dedication and a lot of hours, which for me makes my investment worth it when I see the athletes (or my kids) improving, growing, and being successful in the gym and in life!

Turning Point

The biggest turning point in my life was after I had my 3rd child, at 37 years old. At this point in my life, I started to recognize that my body physically and mentally was not at the same place when I was in my late 20s and early 30s. My body went through 3 pregnancies, I also have a different lifestyle being a mom full time and working full time, new stresses. But I was treating my body and myself as if I wasn't; working out and eating the same as I did when I was younger before being a mom. Also, I noticed I was comparing myself to others, people who were younger than me or had completely different lifestyles than me. This caused me to feel inadequate or "not good enough", putting a lot of pressure on myself to look a certain way and still compete at a level that wasn't realistic. I was becoming my own worst enemy. It kept me from doing what I wanted to do professionally as well as prevented me to enjoy my life at home as a mom and wife. Having children impacted my life. They made me realize that to be a great mom, I need to take care of myself first. I need to put things in perspective. This is when I decided to start paying attention to my body by eating more high-quality foods, eating to fuel my body, as well as training my body for what it has done and gone through. I recognized that everyone’s path in life is different, and my path is the one that matters. I still like to compete with myself and others when it comes to CrossFit (as I am an athlete at heart), but I have learned to put things in perspective, that it's okay to "scale" the workout, and that what and how much someone eats may work for them, will not work for me. Everyone's lifestyle and journey are different. Often our standards are too high because we set goals based on the perfect standards that surround us and when those standards can’t be met, many people stop pursuing improvement altogether. I see this all the time. I started to set goals for myself that were realistic and attainable for my body and my life, not based on others’ lives. While it is okay to have inspiration from others, the comparison is only something that will set you up to feel like you failed. It happened to me! This comparison stole my happiness for years. The truth is, my body has given me 3 beautiful children and it's not the same or comparable to a 25-year-old who has never had kids. This is where I stopped comparing myself to others and started to embrace the body that I have. I made sleep, recovery, and nutrition a priority. Then, of course, doing CrossFit (doing what I love and enjoy) at a level that works best for me and my body. Now, I feel confident in my own skin and confident when I work out. I also feel stronger and healthier than I have ever felt in a long time.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to help members/athletes learn, so they can feel confident and motivated while in a workout. I am impassioned to serve individuals who are looking not only to get stronger and fit but also to improve their overall health. My goal would be to get them to be excited and proud about the journey that they are on, whether it is to lose weight, get stronger, or compete.

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