Kelly Benfey

Kelly Benfey


Back squat: 305lbs
Clean: 250lbs
Deadlift: 370lbs
Front squat: 275lbs
Fran: 2:41


Doctorate of Physical Therapy
Certification in Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete
CrossFit L-1

About Coach

After doing gymnastics for 10 years and pole vaulting in college, I found CrossFit to maintain fitness and continue being competitive. As a physical therapist, my objective is to help people get out of pain and continue leading a fitness-forward lifestyle. I find that I can reach even more people through coaching in the CrossFit gym and I love that both worlds (physical therapy and CrossFit) overlap so much!

Turning Point

Before finding CrossFit, I found myself unmotivated and uninspired by my job as a physical therapist. Once I found the Crossfit methodology, I started applying those concepts to my practice and it changed my purpose. The purpose is not just to decrease pain, but to improve the overall health and wellness of any client I work with.

Motivation & Passion

I believe every human needs strength training, and cardiovascular fitness and to enjoy the process of achieving that. I can't think of a better way to get all three of those things than within the Crossfit affiliate. The wins that we all experience in the CrossFit gym carry over to other aspects of our lives and make us stronger. I love being able to guide people to these successes in the gym and see their transformation over time.

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