CrossFit®’s mission is “to fuel a revolution in fitness based on the pursuit of function.”

So, how do you successfully find a box doing just that?

1. Feel out the coaches.

When you visit a prospective gym, talk with the coaches. Ask them their philosophies for training and exercise and life. Spend time observing a morning class and an afternoon class to learn about coach personalities.

2. Feel out the programming.

Most progressive CrossFit gyms will lead you through warm-ups and mobility, teach you new skills, work on strength and then take you through a workout with a focus on quality of movement and intensity, all in that order. If there is no obvious method behind the programming, run fast and far.

3. Feel out the facility.

Is it clean? Does it look like the gym invests in good quality equipment? Is the equipment easily accessed? Is there room to move around? Are there enough coaches? What matters most is that you feel comfortable and safe in the space.

4. Feel out the members.

CrossFit is about the people you workout with every day. Talk to the members at your prospective gyms. Ask what they like most about the box. Observe their interactions with each other.