Why function?
To get fit. Plain and simple. The dictionary states Function is an activity or purpose natural to a person or thing. Over time, we’ve gone away from functioning to sitting at desks, sitting on a couch and disengaging our bodies. As a result, our bodies have declined from the way they were meant to be.

Functional movement is also the most effective way to lose body fat, gain strength and feel your best. Invest in your health and wellness by joining FUNCTION MKE today!

How it’s different from CrossFit: 

  • No complex barbell/weightlifting.
  • No technical gymnastics.
  • Less intimidating workouts.
  • Slower-paced class structure.
Coaching: You will be led by expert fitness coaches who educate, coach and motivate you at your current fitness level.

Workouts: Your workouts will consist of constantly-varied, functional movements without the complex barbell/weightlifting or technical gymnastics movements. Routine is the enemy so you can expect running, rowing, jumping, pulling, climbing, kettlebells, dumbbells and bodyweight movements at varying intensities.

Classes are one hour in length and will include constant instruction, mobility, warm-up, skill/strength development and conditioning. You do not have to “be in shape” to start.

Community: A group setting of like-minded individuals encouraging and supporting one another in accomplishing the same goal — fitness.

Facilities (what to bring): Badger CrossFit is a 12,000 square foot warehouse turned Functional Fitness facility. We have two unisex bathrooms and showers. Bring workout clothes and a water bottle.

Schedule: Classes meet daily!

Monday through Friday – 6:00AM
Saturday – 7AM
Monday through Thursday – 5:30PM