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Sunday Spotlight: Drew Nault

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This week we check in with an AM/PM attendee, Drew Nault! — Crossfitting since: April 2017. — A little about yourself: My wife Allyse and I live in Coopers Park. We have a newborn baby, Isabelle who is keeping us on our toes and up at night. I work as a loan officer at Accunet Mortgage helping people collateralize their debt or purchase a new home. I grew up in the Mukwonago area with three brothers. Sports was a big part of growing up. Whether in the backyard with my brothers and other neighborhood kids or little league, athletics definitely defined my childhood. I talk about having hobbies but really don’t have any, ask Allyse about my hunting gear sometime. — How did you get into CrossFit? We were in Chicago for St. Patrick’s Day a couple of years ago and my wife’s friend was really into it. She talked Allyse into doing it so I tagged along. I was so bored with going to the WAC for 3 hours, talking for 2.5 hours and squeaking out the blueprint “Fit for the Frat House” type of workout consisting of 3×10 rep scheme of accessory work. We were getting married later that fall and I figured within 6 months I’d be shredded wheat. We started with the intention of being members for 6 months or so, however like most people we felt a part of the community and have remained members since. Also, I enjoy coming to the gym with someone programming the workout so I just need to show up and not think about what I need to do. — What makes Badger CrossFit unique? It’s different than being “Gym Bag Joe” at your mainstream gym with your ear phones cranked up and crammed into your ear canal, a gym shark tank on, and avoiding eye contact with everyone. The community aspect and the relationships from a Badger class leave a more fulfilling feeling to one’s fitness routine. I don’t feel like I must go to the gym but want to go to the gym. — Advice for people just getting started: 1. Be patient, especially with the Olympic lifts. It will take months – really years to become proficient. That’s why they are an Olympic event, because they are difficult to master.

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