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Sunday Spotlight: Jesus Sanchez

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This week we check in with another 5am regular, Jesus Sanchez! — Functioning since: I started with Badger Crossfit in January 2018. I am one of the 5AM people in the Function side of the house. — A little about yourself: I am a family man – husband (to Jennifer), father of two young boys (Jack and James) and a Milwaukee native. I live in Bay View and work in downtown Milwaukee. My wife and I have ran marathons, half marathons and other events like the Tough Mudder. We are trying to teach our children good life habits by way of our own examples. We volunteer in our community and have a service-leadership mindset. My parents immigrated to Milwaukee from Mexico and I am a first generation American. I have a strong work ethic and I am very competitive. — How did you get into Function? At the end of 2017, I was setting goals for the coming year. I wanted to spend more time with my brother Jose and find something (other than running) that would help me improve my health & fitness. My brother, who was already with Badger for five years or so, suggested that we workout together. I registered for a three month membership with Badger Crossfit. I started Function with the intentions of quickly moving to Crossfit, but I have since found I am really happy in the function side of the house. I really enjoy the body weight exercises, the cardio work and especially all the compound movements that stimulate the supporting muscle groups. With so many scaling options available to you, the function workout can be as intense as you want it to be. — How has Function changed you outside the gym? Functional fitness has given me so much. I will talk about WORK and HOME. WORK: A significant area where I think exercise has helped me is with stress. I have a tough job and have noticed that my ability to cope with stressful situations has improved. Also, my days are long and I have seen my ability to focus, participate in dialogue and make decisions has much more staying power through the day. HOME: My children are very young and still like to be carried, thrown in the air, being chased and wrestling.

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