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Sunday Spotlight: Katherine Lazarski

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This week we check in with a 6am Function regular, Katherine Lazarski! — Functioning since: August of 2016, but with a long hiatus following a surgery, so I started over in October of 2018. — A little about yourself: I am originally from Detroit and moved to Tosa with my husband 17 years ago. I'm a staff attorney at the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, and I'm super busy with three teen/tween age children. I've got lots of hobbies: cooking, sewing, knitting, reading and gardening but unfortunately these activities are not so effective for building muscles or burning fat. I have never been athletic, I can't catch, throw, or hit any kind of ball, and in elementary school was known as "most likely to cry in gym class”. — How did you get into Function? I was terribly out of shape and needed to make a change in my life. I was looking around for a coached exercise program that would fit into my work/kid schedule and Badger's schedule met my needs so I gave it a shot. — How has Function changed you outside the gym? Working out at Badger has given me muscles and confidence! I can portage canoes with my Girl Scouts, reasonably throw a football to my son, keep up with my husband on a bike ride, and even make small talk with my sporty co-workers. I sleep better and seem to stay healthier too! — What makes Badger CrossFit unique? The staff at Badger have created a truly positive culture where even the least fit person in the gym feels like they belong. There isn't any competition for resources, and you don't get the feeling that the "real" athletes don't want you around. Everyone can work at their own pace and make tremendous progress. — Advice for people just getting started: If you are starting at the bottom (like me), just keep showing up. Go as slow as you need to keep moving through the WOD. Use the lightest weights and the lowest scale and focus on doing the movements correctly. After a month or two of just surviving, you can start to do fancy things like adding weight or correctly counting the reps.

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