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January 12, 2015

1/13 "Tuesday"

Strength:Fitness:1) Position Power Snatch (high-hang + hang at knee) or snatch grip RDLs2) Push PressPerformance:1) 2 Position snatch (high-hang + hang at knee)2) Push Press - heavier than last weekWOD:Fitness:Russian KB Swings (55/35), Burpees to 6" target, Slam Balls (35/25)Performance:Russian KB Swings (70/55), Burpees to 6" target, Airdyne sprintMember News:++Some of you may have noticed that on Saturdays we now have a 10:30am class entitled "Competitor Team WOD". This time is geared towards those hoping to be on the qualifier team for regionals! If you are interested in this, please set up a time to speak with Adam and Tyler by email!++What??You're not going anything on February 28th!?!? If you like good food, good drinks, and spending time with great people who are doing a significant amount of good in the city of Milwaukee, please consider attending this great event and fundraiser put on by our friends at Victory Garden Initiative! They're raising money to plant 5 community orchards around the city of Milwaukee and can use your help! Even if you don't go, please consider checking out their website and reading up on the ways they're contributing to a healthier Milwaukee and a more sustainable food system!!

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