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February 9, 2015

2/10 "Tuesday"

Strength:Fitness and Performance:Snatch Grip RDL, Close-grip Bench Press, Pullups (Hold :02 at top)WOD:Fitness:DB Press (50/25), DB Burpees DL (same), Double-unders (x2 singles)Performance:Strict HSPU, DB Burpee DL (60/35), Double-undersWe are busy people. Even as I type this blog entry, all sorts of other thoughts bombard my brain- What's on my to-do list again? I need to send so-and-so an email! Aren't squirrels neat? Why is coffee so delicious? Is that me who smells like coffee?...Yes.Maybe you can relate. I easily fall into the trap that constant multi-tasking, in both my actions and my thoughts, are somehow more productive. In reality, the opposite is actually true!"...Mindfulness: the word conjures images of yoga retreats and Buddhist monks. But perhaps they should evoke a very different picture: a man in a deerstalker, puffing away at a curved pipe, Mr. Sherlock Holmes himself. The world’s greatest fictional detective is someone who knows the value of concentration, of “throwing his brain out of action,” as Dr. Watson puts it. He is the quintessential unitasker in a multitasking world.The difference between a Holmes and a Watson is, essentially, one of practice. Attention is finite, it’s true — but it is also trainable. Through modifying our practices of thought toward a more Holmes-like concentration, we can build up neural real estate that is better able to deal with the variegated demands of the endlessly multitasking, infinitely connected modern world. And even if we’ve never attempted mindfulness in the past, we might be surprised at how quickly the benefits become noticeable."***So what is mindfulness training??You have the opportunity to participate in mindfulness every time you come to Badger CrossFit for your workout. For one hour. When you are here, are you present? Or, are you thinking through your grocery list? When you're performing a lift, are you reviewing the cues that a coach gave you, ("keep those ribs down", "weight in the heels", "knees out") or are you speeding through your lifts impatiently, mindlessly, because you're so focused on the next thing?This sort of mindfulness doesn't just matter as it relates to the strength or WOD section. It matters for the ENTIRE hour...for the pre-hab, warm-up, and cool down. Are you allowing yourself to get the entire benefit from each of these portions?Are you checking your cell phone every 20 minutes during that hour? Or are you caring about yourself enough to shut off your phone and get lost in the music, the sweat, the hard work, and camaraderie for JUST one hour?Making this "mindfulness" adjustment WILL be difficult. All those apps that make life "easier", the email and social networks, calling your name, will fight you. They don't want you to have your moment... but you WILL be better if you battle for those moments of mindfulness.***quote from....good read if you get a chance! News: +++In place of all classes next Saturday, Feb 14th, we’re going to be participating in Love Gone Bad, a benefit workout for CrossFit MPS! If you are planning on coming in on Saturday, please come in to participate in this event! Also feel free to BYOB! Please sign your team up in the link below and in Zen Planner! ALL proceeds collected that day via open donation, pledges, and via registration will go directly to CrossFit MPS!! Specific details for the day will be emailed to you/posted by Wednesday of this week!Registration: info on the event: about being STRONGER, FASTER, AND HEALTHIER! +++RIEMER FAMILY FARM CSA: Badger CrossFit is a listed drop off location for the RIEMER FAMILY FARM MEAT CSA! If you don’t yet understand what a CSA is, it’s basically a 6 month meat subscription…WHO DOESN’T WANT A MEAT SUBSCRIPTION!?!? The same way you subscribe to a magazine or news paper, you’ll subscribe to FARM FRESH, DELICIOUS, ANTIBIOTIC FREE MEAATTT brought to Badger CrossFit every month for 6 months…Deadline for sign up is March 1st! Brochures are available at the front desk, or sign up on their website!> or for questions!

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