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November 14, 2014

11/15 "Saturday"

John Heim with a 240# Clean and Jerk PR!

Go Hard and Go Home

The vast majority of your training time, regardless of your aim, should be spent at general physical preparation, embodied in simple couplets and triplets, strength training, and the occasional long-duration effort. Short, hard, intense.This intensity is much more important than volume. Remarkably more important.For the newer trainee, this means no two-a-days, no four-WOD Saturdays. No flash-in-the-pan volume accumulation.Volume accumulation, the method by which athletes are able to endure ever-more reps within any given time period, is not the product of a week of training. It is the product of a lifetime of training, years of consistent focus.Competitors must treat intensity and volume accumulation like two different things, each with a different trajectory. Intensity is created in the moment, embodied through intelligent programming that allows for maximum output. Volume is accumulated over months and years, an extraordinarily gradual layering of intense workout upon intense workout.Don't confuse the two.-Jon GilsonStrength:Fitness and Performance: Back SquatsWOD:Fitness: Run, KB/DB SnatchPerformance: "Isabel"

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