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February 2, 2015

2/3 "Tuesday"

CONGRATS TO MEMBER ROB DEFLIEZE WHO FINISHED 2nd IN HIS CLASS AND WITH A PERSONAL PR!! CONGRATS ALSO TO COACH RYAN AND HIS EXCELLENT COACHING AND ENCOURAGEMENT! Strength:Fitness:Back Squat, L-sits inbetween each set for ME, Ring Rows, double-under practicePerformance:Back Squat, C2B Pullups, double-undersWOD:Fitness and Performance:Calorie Row (Perf: AD if no rowers), Bar-facing Burpees, ThrustersMember News:+++The 7am (Thursday, 2/5 & Saturday, 2/7) CF boot camp classes will be cancelled this week!+++Retail:Official in house retail store hours begin this Saturday, from 7am-11:30am. Buy your brotein, oily fish, and Badger skin garments from a real human being!!!+++“Love Gone Bad”> Please Register here! $30.00 to register your team! All proceeds go to CrossFit MPS and they're amazing program, benefiting Milwaukee kids and teachers!+++Our Olympic lifting classes started! You can still get in on the action! $35.00/month(auto-renewal) for regular members, $115.00/month(auto-renewal) for non-members or a punch card for $100.00! Sign up here> OPENS ARE JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!Read more about the fun here!!> Sign up as a participant or sign up as a judge!!+++We’re excited to be a CSA drop-off location for Reimer’s Family Farm. Now you KNOW YOUR FARMER! The bigger plus to this is consistent meat delivery for a one-time price. Transparency is a good thing when it comes to your food.

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