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November 17, 2014

11/18 "Tuesday"

Congrats to Peter G on his 180# snatch PR!Strength:Fitness and Performance: Front SquatWOD:Fitness: Row, Medball Squat Jumps, Power CleansPerformance: Airdyne, Box Jump Overs, CleanNews and Notes:

  • Post about your PRs/accomplishments this past week on the boards between the bathrooms!
  • From Endurance Coach Dan: Reminder: Endurance 5:46ish at the Petit Center. $4. Put it on Greg Hildebrand's tab.
  • Yep, it's winter time and with winter in Wisco comes snow, ice, salt, rust, misery... but there could be even more misery if you slipped and fell! Therefore, it is mandatory that you bring a change of shoes if it's snowy or icy out. If you have wet shoes on the mats, you will be asked to change or go in your socks. This is for your safety! Please and thank yous.
  • Be sure to disinfect your hands upon leaving/coming in. Stop the spread of no-fun viruses in the gym. Wipe down your equipment, sweat, tears, etc. Tis the season to give the gift that we all don't want!
  • Be sure to be here on time. Us coaches are going to give our best effort in starting classes on the dot.
  • Work hard, drink your water (1/2 BW in OZ daily), eat your whole foods, get plenty of rest! Don't let the holidays get the best of your hard gains.

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