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November 3, 2014

11/4 "Tuesday"

Post by Badger CrossFit.

StrengthFitness:Front SquatsHandstandsPerformance:Front Squat:WODFitness:Wall BallsBurpeesPullupsPerformance:Wall BallsBurpeesRope ClimbsMember News: Regarding future retail purchases/special orders!!-Typically for special orders, be it hoodies, shoes, or SFH, we'll charge the account we have saved on file for you the day the item comes in. If you would like to make an offline payment for a product or to use a card or an account that we haven't been utilizing please let us know by reaching out at In moving forward, if you decide that you would like to do an offline payment for retail purchases, be aware that we will need cash or check before we order something for you!Changing Hosts!!We're changing web hosts tonight at 8:00pm! Be aware that our website may be a bit finicky and we may not respond to emails right away!WOD tracking!Some of you may have seen that we were adding the strength and WODs into zen planner for you enter your scores. We're still in the midst of implementing this and may be adding work outs into zen planner on and off this next week for testing purposes but please note that they won't be least not yet;)...we'll update you on this soon!

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