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September 17, 2014

9/18 "Thursday"

Front Squat
Ring Rows
Double Under

Row, Pushups or Handstand Pushups, T2B or V-ups, Bear Crawl

Thoughts on Competition from Badger athlete, Mary Pelkofer, who competed this last weekend at the Granite Games.

"Competition can quickly get the best of us. It puts us in challenging situations, makes us emotional, and often times, causes us to question our abilities. Competition can provide the greatest high and the lowest low, and the change can happen in the blink of an eye. Nonetheless, I love competition! It forces us to look at how we react under pressure, highlights our strengths and weaknesses, and best yet, reveals opportunities for growth. It’s essentially an audit on YOU. How we react to competition is applicable to our entire life. Think about how you felt in the midst of competition or a competitive workout and then reflect back on real life. I guarantee you will find that you do or feel many of the same things on a normal, stressful day.

After competing at the Granite Games this last weekend, I thought about everything I just mentioned above and realized a few things I thought I would share.

- Competition can get the best of us: When you compete, there are only two things you can control. 1. How well you prepare and 2. how much you give the day-of competition. For me, I knew that I had a few weaknesses and I owned them. I also knew I had strengths and no matter what, I needed to give everything, in the areas that I was strong, in order to make up for my weaknesses. How did you react or feel after a bad workout performed at a standard less than you expected? Reflect on your reactions. I know that, at the granite games, I kicked a wall. Not my finest moment, as a competitor, but I walked out of the arena giving someone a high five for a great effort and moved on with my head held high.

- Mindset is important. How do you complete a workout in the gym? I don’t care if it’s Jarrod (my husband), my goal is to beat him. I am not trying to hurt his feelings but that’s just my mentality. You have to work out in the gym just like you would in a competition. I want to get better each day. What is your mindset when you walk into the gym? Better yet, what is your mindset when you wake up? Get ready to attack the day. Give it all you have.

- Ask for feedback and advice, AND listen to it. My biggest takeaway this weekend applies to my entire life. I want to be the best at everything (do you see a "competitor" theme??). I am celebrating my third year of Crossfit this fall. There are so many things that I have accomplished but I need a ton of help. Listen to people who want to help you. Often times we are blind to our weaknesses. Embrace the opportunity to take the advice from peers, coaches and teammates! Think about your training, or even your career path. How many times have you asked for help or listened to someone’s feedback? Or even listed to your heart? Listening and taking it all in is great, but execution is key. What are you going to do with the information they provide?

- Be thankful: We spent the weekend surrounded by incredible athletes. We had the support not only of our gym, but generous sponsors that allowed us to compete at this level(THANKKKKK YOUUU!!!). There are plenty of people who wouldn't be able to do what we did for many reasons. Remember that when you don’t want to get out of bed to go work out. Be thankful, get up and get going.

I am proud, I am thankful. But you better believe I am coming back next year with a vengeance."

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