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January 21, 2015

1/22 "Thursday"

Strength:Fitness:Front rack forward lunge step, Chin over bar hold, Handstand hold (nose and toes)Performance:Front rack forward lunge step, Rope Climbs, Handstand holdWOD:Fitness:Row, Pullups (jumping if nec.), OH plate carry (45/35)Performance:Row, Pullups, Farmer's Walk (70/55)Member News: +++You can now sign up for Badger Weightlifting! starts on January, 26th!!!)Badger Weightlifting is open to all members of Badger CrossFit as well as non-members. This club focuses primarily on improving the technical execution of the snatch, clean & jerk and related lifts. This program is intended to supplement your regular training regimen and improve explosiveness, strength, and coordination in addition to improving comfort with the lifts.Badger Weightlifting meets 3x/week for 60 minutes each session. Programming is focused on the needs of the group, along with necessary modifications for individual athletes, and varies in programming levels (from beginner to proficient). In each session athletes can expect to snatch or clean & jerk, perform dynamic pulling drills, and perform skill transfer drills and other supplemental exercises for the Olympic lifts.Coached Schedule:Monday – 6pmWednesday – 6pmSaturday – 10amMembership Costs:Badger CrossFit members: $35/month*Non-Members: $115/month**Weightlifting Punch Card: $100/10 classes****Includes unlimited access to weightlifting classes and platforms during CrossFit business hours.**Weightlifting membership only. CrossFit classes not included. Includes unlimited access to weightlifting classes and platforms during CrossFit business hours.***Permitted to weightlifting classes only. 3 month expiration. For those individuals that want coached weightlifting instruction on a flexible schedule.+++Do you have pain, tenderness, tightness on hamstrings, hips, shoulders, etc? Have you hurt your shoulder, back or knee before? Is your range of motion poor? Have you always felt tight? We have a fix, and his name is Shawn.

On February 2nd and 16th, Shawn Kinney, Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) specialist, will be on hand from 8am to 8pm in 20 minute slots, FREE to you to try out. The video above goes over a bit of what he does, and I can tell you from firsthand experience that it's amazing what ranges of motions you will achieve after one session with him. He also offers trigger point therapy (basically A.R.T.) and massage.To sign up for one of his sessions, please click here:+++Are you signed up yet for Love Gone Bad!!?!?!Read more about it here: you'd like a shirt, sign your team up here(T-shirt Specific registration closes in January 30th):

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