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December 30, 2014

12/31 "Wednesday"

Strength:Fitness:Back Extensions, DeadliftPerformance:1) Power Snatch w/ pause above knee, Clean RDLWOD:Fitness:Row, Pull-Ups, Power Cleans (95/65), Shoulder to Overhead, Double-UndersPerformance:Row,Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups, Power Cleans (135/95), Shoulder to Overhead (135/95), Double-UndersMember News: - This is for the BCF parents this time. Natalie and Brooke were thinking that it would be fun to have a "playgroup" outing with some of the other parents at the gym. Something for those of us who are available during the day to start. We set something up for next week Wednesday (1/7) at 9:00 at The Big Backyard in New Berlin! If you have never been, The Big Backyard is awesome! You can have a non-crawling or walking infant even and it's a fun place. Children 12 months and up are $7. Adults and Infants younger than 12 months are free. To qualify as a "playgroup" for a discount we need to have at least 10 kids show up (between us we already have 4) and then we get a discounted rate of $6 per child over 12 months.If interested, there is a post in the "Badger Crossfit-Athletes" facebook group and you can reach out to Brooke there! If you have any additional questions and do not have a facebook or prefer email, you can shoot an email!-There are a number of members putting together a paleo/primal challenge for January 2015. If you are interested in participating, jumping in on any potlucks, looking for support in your healthy eating journey, check out the post in the Badger CrossFit Nutrition group from Bridget T and she will add you to the specific group! If you're a bit newer and haven't yet been added to the Badger CrossFit Nutrition group, shoot us an email at!Ever been told you had a nice psoas? Or a tight psoas? Me too!...Just the other day actually! Wait, what the heck is psoas and why is it important?!"The stats don’t lie; low back pain is a problem. Eighty percent will have some severe low back pain in their life, with the majority experiencing repeat episodes. Not coincidentally, more and more people work at a desk for a living... Enter the psoas muscle.It’s the bodies major hip flexor. It originates on the last thoracic vertebrae and the first four lumbar vertebrae where it courses down and inserts into the hip. The ability to raise your bent leg past ninety degrees towards your chest is its major action. Lately, research is pointing that its major role is actually that of a lumbar stabilizer. Put plainly, when healthy, it keeps your low back stable. The problem is, all this sitting has shortened the muscle. Tightness equals weakness.Run these examples. Ever get uncomfortable back pain after standing still for a few minutes, like you have pressure building right around the belt line? How about a little bit of sharp jabbing pain after getting up from a sitting position? How many have been out for the count after stooping to pick up something as small as a pencil? If any of these scenarios sound familiar, the psoas is tight!Even if none of these scenarios sound like you, you’re not off the hook yet. Athletically, it is a huge component to performance. When tight, even without low back pain, they act as brakes. It will keep you from jumping your highest, running your fastest, and lifting your heaviest. They shut down the most powerful muscle you have, the glute maximus. It inhibits their force production. That simply stated means you’re not as powerful as you could be."***from Starr has some additional points about the psoas and how to mobilize that bad boy!

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