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September 25, 2014

9/26 "Friday"

StrengthFitness:Tempo Romanian Dead lift, Skin the CatsPerformance:Back Squat, Push PressWODFitness:Row, Inverted Burpees,DB Snatches (50/35), Pull-Ups/Ring Rows, Situps, Wall Ball, Overhead Plate CarryPerformance:Strict Handstand Push-Ups, Strict Pull-Ups, Alternating PistolsThere's been a lot of good articles that have been posted on the facebook page regarding tweaking your diet, mostly as it relates to the Paleo challenge. I've decided to compile a few them here for your reviewing enjoyment!Having issues with energy: for body type. +++Spartan Race Team+++BCF is official signed up for the Spartan Race on November 1. We have a team, called Badger CrossFit, so you can sign up using this name!Our team race time is 9:30AM! Sign up today!The code for 10% off is SPARTANBLOGGER

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